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Duration: 14 days (+14 days of stabilization and detox 1-3 days)
Expected result: reduction of body mass by 7-10% or 6-10kg
Included:  Precisely Planned Protocol + Food Supplements
Intended for: People who want intensive weight loss
Advantage: Better results in less time
The 14-day Liposuction Diet™ treatment is intended for people who want a radical approach to weight loss with significant restrictions compared to traditional dietetics.

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The LipoDIETA™ weight loss protocol is a clinically tested weight loss method whose safety and effectiveness have been scientifically confirmed.

Lipo DIETA™ STANDARD program the 14-day treatment is intended for people who want a radical approach to weight loss with significant restrictions outside of traditional dietetics. If you are ready to skip daily meals and have a nutritionally quality dinner, then this is the ideal protocol for you. At the center of the protocol is the weight loss aid Food supplement (amino acids and plant fibers) taken three timesa day throughout the day to ensure satiety and trigger the metabolic mechanisms that will lead you to results. All-day abstinence until dinner is covered by Lipo, a complex of amino acids, vitamins, minerals and plant fibers (glucomannan) that make you full and, with caloric restrictions, contribute to the reduction of body mass.

The protocol takes place in 3 phases:

  • Lipo DIETA™ STANDARD program 14 days – 3 x Lipo + Mediterranean-style dinner
  • DetoX 1-3 days – fruits and vegetables 3 times a day
  • Stabilization phase 14 days – 3 proper and balanced Mediterranean-type meals
    In the first phase, daily caloric intake varies from 900-1,100 kcal/day, of which the ratio of macronutrients is in favor of healthy fats and quality proteins.

Protein intake does not exceed 85g of protein per day, which meets the minimum needs of the body. More than 60% of the volume of the meal consists of vegetables, while fruit is not allowed.

*Lipo DIETA™ STANDARD program the 14 day treatment is a weight loss protocol outside of traditional dietetics and classified as a diet therapy program for weight control. The pharmacological approach does not necessarily include treatment with medical aids, in case

Lipo DIETA™ STANDARD program biologically functional components are completely natural, and they are used in the form of dietary fibers and amnino acids of milk origin, which are applied enterally without a nasogastric tube.

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