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About the author

Kenan MANDRA is a pharmacist - nutritionist. As an obese person, he began researching weight loss methods to solve his own problem. After he managed to lose 40 kilos using his own method, he decided to spread the method and help others. Today it is a successful project that has been going on for 10 years.

Some pictures from the career...

Personal experience with the loss of 40 kilograms with the Liposuction Diet. That's how it all started...
Among the many famous people whom he helped with the liposuction diet, there was also the president of Croatia
His work is internationally recognized and he received academic recognition from the European Academy of Sciences e.V.
Practicing a healthy diet also means knowing the skills of preparing healthy food, which is highly valued as a chef
He is considered an authority in the field of recommendations for healthy eating and weight loss, so he is a frequent interlocutor in the media on this topic
He tries to lead a healthy life and be an example of how to find a balance between what we love and what is good for our health.

About the author

Education: Completed a Master’s degree in Nutrition and Pharmacy at the Faculty of Pharmacy. Currently pursuing a Doctoral degree at the Faculty of Medicine, working towards the title of Doctor of Medical Sciences with a focus on diet therapy for body weight management. Over the past 10 years, has participated in various international education programs and specializations within the field of nutrition and dietetics.

Professional experienceOver 10 years of experience working with patients, with over 10,000 clients whom he has helped to control body weight. One of the more significant projects is personal assistance in weight control to former Croatian president Kolida Grabar Kitarović and numerous other famous people.

Personal experienceThe reason why he started working in the field of body weight control was a personal problem he had. With the help of his own method, he managed to lose 40 kg in just 2 months. This is how the protocol was created, which was further developed, perfected and clinically tested over the years until the results we have today.

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