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If you are looking for a weight loss program outside of traditional dietetics that will be effective and nutritionally complete, then this is the Liposuction diet™.

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Our weight loss programs

Program START

Duration: 7 days
(+7 days of stabilization and 1 day of detox)
Expected result:
weight loss of 3-5% or 4-6 kg


Duration: 14 days
(+14 days of stabilization and detox 1-3 days)
Expected result:
weight loss of 7-10% or 6-10 kg

Program LIGHT

Duration: 21 days

Expected result:
weight loss of 4-6% or 3-5 kg

About the author

Education: Diploma in master’s studies in nutrition and pharmacy at the Faculty of Pharmacy. He is currently completing his doctoral studies at the Faculty of Medicine for the title of Doctor of Medical Sciences on the topic of diet therapy for body weight management. In the past 10 years, he attended numerous international educations and specializations in the field of nutrition and dietetics.

Professional experienceOver 10 years of experience working with patients, with over 10,000 clients whom he has helped to control body weight. One of the more significant projects is personal assistance in weight control to former Croatian president Kolida Grabar Kitarović and numerous other famous people.

Personal experienceThe reason why he started working in the field of body weight control was a personal problem he had. With the help of his own method, he managed to lose 40 kg in just 2 months. This is how the protocol was created, which was further developed, perfected and clinically tested over the years until the results we have today.

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